A very special occasion

Reminiscent of days gone by in Arniston, the Williamson clan chose to get together for the first time in many years. The above photograph encapsulates the happinessstrength and energy reflected by various members who had in some instances not been together for many years. Eagleyes was the perfect venue for this unique weekend, hosting 14 people with ease in consumate luxury & class that went a long way to making this Stanfordbased happening the event that it was.
Braaing on a generous fire – of Dantes proportions, Steve Leith, braaimaster of note, cooked up a storm that was the centrepiece of a feast fitting for the occasion with 18 seated comfortably in the dining room. Memories were stirred, stories recounted and a wonderful  weekend was enjoyed by all.  Everyone present were generous in their praise of Eagleyes as the perfect venue for such a gathering.  

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